Mother's Day Giftboxes now available, orders close 5 May 2023

We offer regular connection boxes, personalised one off occasion boxes or the option to build your own unique gift

Recent Customer Reviews

Recent Customer Review

What a wonderful idea. I ordered a six-month subscription for my 86-year-old Mother-In-Law and she was absolutely delighted with her first gift box received yesterday.

I especially liked how easy it was to type up a letter and send a few photos off my IPhone and have them included in the box.

5 Star brilliant service from the team at Grand Connection Gifts and a very worthwhile investment to know Grandma will receive a beautifully curated, personalised gift box and photos of our family every two months.

Recent Customer Review

Ordered a gift box for my grandparents and it's absolutely perfect! Being able to add our own family photos for them to have and all the little gifts are just amazing! :)

Subscription Box Review

This is a wonderful way to connect with loved ones when we can’t be there. My mum was delighted with her gift box and was thrilled with the personalised touches like the photo and letters. The convenience of having something locked in and regular gives me peace of mind knowing that she is feeling connected and loved.

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