Mother's Day Giftboxes now available, orders close 5 May 2023

Three easy steps to more meaningful and regular connection!

What's in the box!

Every 8 weeks we curate a new box. Our boxes include:

Photos and a Letter: You'll have the option to add up to 5 photos and a personal letter in every box.

Our Connection Pack: Includes a pre-paid stamped envelope, card and writing prompt to encourage two-way communication.

Beautiful Australian Products: Thoughtful Australian products with essential oils that energise and relax such as room sprays and soap on a rope. Something nice to eat and drink.

Activities: Every box includes activities that encourage mindfulness such as pop open quote cards, colouring-in, word searches or jigsaw puzzles.

To note: we avoid aged care home restricted items such as candles and wheat bags.

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Connection Box Schedule

We'll contact you 1 week prior to the date the box is sent to collect your photos and personal letter.

If you would like to send a box at a different time, we recommend viewing our one-off boxes!