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Life Notes -A letter writing kit by you for your grandchild

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Share your thoughts and wishes with your grandchild and deepen the bond between you.

Inside this box are 20 themed notes for you to write.

  • Complete each one with your reflections on topics such as falling in love, family, friendship, and bravery.
  • When you’re done, you’ll create a treasure trove of wisdom, filled with life experiences and love.
  • Use the elegant keepsake box to share the notes all at once to celebrate a milestone birthday, graduation, or first day of university. Or use the foil-stamped envelopes to share just the right note at just the right moment — a note on love for a wedding day or one on family before the birth of a child

Format: Slipcase Box
Box Size: 3.25″W x 6.25″H x 2.7″D
Card Count: 20 letters