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Loneliness during the holidays | 5 Tips to help stay connected!

December 20 2021

Loneliness during the holidays | 5 Tips to help stay connected!
Loneliness during the holidays | 5 Tips to help stay connected!
We know it's not always possible to be with loved ones over the holidays, especially with the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Australia. We’ve teamed up with our Diversional Therapist, Anne, to share some tips to support our community these holidays. Openminds Australia recommends if you're spending the holidays alone or missing your loved ones to focus on staying mentally well.  We’ve gathered 5 tips that you can share with loved ones if you're concerned about them over the holidays.

1. Make a plan!

Encourage your loved ones to plan ahead of time by making a list of the things they'd like to do during the holidays. This plan could include hobbies, activities, and meals they enjoy. It’s okay if a plan includes only small activities such as walking around the block or calling a family member! The smallest activities can have the biggest impact on someone's day. 

2. Schedule Activities

Can you recommend 1-2 activities that your loved one could schedule ahead of time? Here are some example activities you could suggest:
  • Organise a time to go for a walk with a friend
  • Schedule a call to a family member or friend
  • Allocate time to play a card game such as solitaire
  • Organise to send them a jigsaw puzzle to complete
  • Organise to share music they enjoy listening to 
  • Encourage them to read their favourite book or watch their favourite movie
    If your loved one needs assistance with a planned activity, you could encourage them to share the plan with a nurse, carer, or support crew ahead of time if they can. 

    3. Explore Mindfulness Apps/ Videos

    If your loved one has access to a mobile device, they can download a mindfulness application or find free videos on YouTube to listen to or watch.  If you're looking for a gift you could also consider purchasing a subscription to a meditation app for a loved one.
    If you're feeling worried or anxious, a mindfulness app or video could also be something you gift to yourself during the holidays! To learn more about the benefits of meditation, visit this article here from Headspace
    Here are our top recommendations:

      4. Connect in your local community recommends getting involved in local community events such as local markets or you could visit a local library. If it’s not possible to leave home, do some research and plan to watch previous or live events. This could include:

        5. It’s ok to ask for help

        If you need help there are several people you can connect with to start a conversation during the holidays. Not sure where to start, try these conversation starters from R U OK. You could start a conversation with:
        • Family members
        • Friends
        • Neighbours
        • Hospital staff/ aged care support staff
        • Local businesses.
          Or for additional support you can call:
            If you’re are a carer and need additional support over the holidays you can reach out to:
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              We'd like to wish our community happy holidays! 

              Share your tips for staying connected during the holidays by leaving a comment below! 


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